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About OEM

PreFluid has rich and mature experience in the R&D and manufacturing of peristaltic pump products and has successful experience in various industries. It can make full use of existing technology, R&D, supply, production, and other resources to provide customers with economical and reasonable OEM products. We can customize products on demand and provide a full range of solutions for peristaltic pumps for various industries.


Order Process

  • Design products on demand

  • Production samples/confirmation

  • Sign a production contract

  • After-sales

  • Product

  • Mass

Pre-sale Service


Focus On Peristaltic Pump

Professional industry application engineers are responsible for communication, understanding customers' application needs, assisting customers to quickly determine suitable models, and designing and implementing peristaltic pump replacement solutions for other types of fluid pumps that customers are using.

Offers a full line of sterile and disposable clean tubing and fitting solutions for peristaltic pumps.

After-sales Service

  • Product WarrantyProduct WarrantyProvides a product warranty of up to five years. Contact Us
  • 24 hours after-sale24 hours after-saleOne-to-one exclusive customer service, after-sales guidance, telephone/video, and on-site training. Contact Us
  • After-sales maintenanceAfter-sales maintenanceFree during the warranty period, return to the factory for overhaul outside the warranty period and issue an overhaul report and quotation. Contact Us


  • Telephone: +86 13861019936
  • E-mai: pump@prefluid.com
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